At Central Maryland Gold, our goal is to offer the best possible environment for athletes of all backgrounds and ages to flourish, both in and out of the gym. Our engaged and competitive atmosphere allows weightlifters and other strength athletes to develop technical, physical, and mental success. Although Olympic Weightlifting is our primary focus, we cater to other strength sports as well, such as powerlifting and strongman, making each individual’s experience personal and something they can call their own! We are one of the most affordable gyms in the area, with high quality equipment and facilities. If you are interested in becoming a strong and powerful athlete then we are the gym for you.


We now accept PayPal! Please click the "Donate" button below to pay with this new option. IMPORTANT - please include a $2 per month processing fee when paying via PayPal. Thank you for understanding!

Youth/College-aged Students: $40/month

Adult: $60/month

First drop in session in is free! Please contact us through our listed email before your first visit.


Monday-Friday: 5:30-8:00*

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-1:00

*It is recommended that newer athletes and members come on Tuesdays and Thursdays until they are more comfortable with the movements. Those days are facilitated by the head coach and offer more direct introductory level coaching*