Thank you for your interest in the Frederick Open! 

This will be a one day, one platform meet with a limited number of participants, so make sure to register now to secure your spot. Entry fee is only $50! For those interested, this meet also serves as a last chance qualifier for the American Open Series 2 and Youth Nationals. 

Please read information below, then see bottom of page for how to register. 

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all current USAW registered athletes. Join or renew expired membership through the USAW website before May 3, 2020.  Expired members will not be allowed to compete. Athletes are responsible for ensuring that their memberships are current.  We will be checking your membership at weigh-ins, so please make sure to print your card or have it on your phone.

RULES: The current USAW and IWF rules are available at: 

Of particular note regarding rules 

  • Photo ID and proof of current USAW registration are required at weigh-in.     
  • All lifters must wear a singlet to compete. 
  • Athletes must declare their opening attempts in the snatch and the clean & jerk in kilos at weigh-in. 

SANCTION:  USA Weightlifting Sanction Number 09-20-264901

AWARDS We will have unique awards for Best Lifter (Male/Female) and Best Junior (Male/Female). We will consider awarding other divisions depending on turnout. 

REFUND POLICY: Refunds will only be granted if there is a replacement lifter on the waitlist willing to purchase the withdrawing athlete’s spot. Any refund will be subject to a $5 processing fee, and there will be no refunds after the start list has been issued (approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the meet). Please make sure you are able to attend before registering! 

HOW TO REGISTER: The entry fee is $50, and we are happy to announce we accept PayPal. To pay the fee, simply click the “Buy Now” button below and follow the instructions on the page.

Then, you need to email with the following information (please use “Frederick Open” in the subject line). Your registration is not complete until we receive this information from you, and you will receive a confirmation when we have everything we need.

  • Full Name 
  • Email that you used to send money through PayPal 
  • Email to receive updates and start list (if different from above) 
  • Gender 
  • Birth Date 
  • Weight Class 
  • Division (Open/Masters/Junior/Youth) 
  • Most recent competition total 
  • USAW Member ID 
  • USAW Expiration Date 

Thank you, and best of luck in your training! 

CMG Weightlifting Club 
550 Highland St 
Frederick, MD 21701